Friday, August 15, 2014

Take A Walk With Me...

The weather (until today) has just been beautiful in Iowa and I have been getting in a Komen 3-Day training walk with Miss Schatzi every single morning. Schatzi, our all-black German Shepherd, is already doing 6+ miles with me every day. We are blessed to be very close to some fabulous Central Iowa Trails...we are exactly one mile from a Jordan Creek Trail entrance, and from there, an abundance of walking choices await us each daybreak. Today, I thought I would take you along on a 6.3 mile journey with us and show you the scenery on one of our favorite walks...

At the entrance to the Jordan Creek Trail...

Along the trail, we come to my very favorite tree...full of life and character...

Then, off to the left, we often see deer in the tall grass...

The trail then leads out to the sidewalk on Mills Civic Parkway, where
we pass Valley Stadium (this is a great incline for training)...then we turn
on Fuller Road and pass the Bennett School. Built in
1926/1927, the Bennett School was one of the last one room schools
 to be built in West Des Moines and was in use until at least 1941.

From there, we come back down the hill and take the path around
the West Des Moines City/School Campus pond and fountain...the
building in the background next to the weeping willow tree is the
West Des Moines Public Library...

Cattails on the edge of the campus pond...

Next, we continue on the path across the street to Southwoods Park,
and you will be amazed at what is coming up on the path...

...a HUGE field of incredible native wild is breathtaking...and so
very is one of my favorite places on earth...

...more native wild flowers...

...wild flowers as far as the eye can see...

Here is Schatzi, VERY intrigued by a dragonfly in the flowers...

After viewing all the gorgeous scenery, I am completely inspired and ready to start my day. We continue back on the trail, past the field where we saw the deer and my favorite tree...back to the trail entrance...and then make the mile walk back to our truly is the perfect way to begin any day!

So I am feeling good - training is going great - and I am feeling prepared for Dallas in November...yes, I am ready for my Komen 3-Day 60-mile journey...and I can't wait to see my AMAZING Twinkle Toes teammates!

If you would like to see my daily 3-Day training photos, simply follow me on Instagram...or check out my Instagram profile page...I have been posting the beautiful images I see on my walks. And, if you have a fitbit, please send me a friend request (e-mail is in my profile) angel surprised me with one about a week ago and I have been having fun keeping track of my daily steps...and being cheered on and taunted by my fitbit friends!

Finally, I am so close to posting my special Komen 3-Day needlework is in the final finishing stages and I will be sharing it within the next few days...I can't wait...look for details very soon!!


  1. Thank You for sharing your walk... its so pretty, looks a wonderful place to walk. I have been following your progress and your doing brilliant. You are doing a wonderful thing with Team Twinkle Toes, I know you will all do really well.
    Ooooh exciting that your almost ready to show us your amazing Komen 3-Day needlework design, I am really excited about this after seeing the teaser you posted.
    Smiles :)

  2. I really enjoyed the walk with Miss Schatzi---- and of course you.....You can do it!

  3. Beautiful walk - the weather has been perfect here in Iowa, hasn't it? I love it - and what a great way to spend it - outside - Can hardly wait to see your design this year!!!

  4. What a gorgeous walking environment you and Schatzi have! Thank you for taking us on the visual walk, Belinda! Looking forward to seeing the reveal of your Komen project.


  5. What a lovely walk! You're so lucky to be able to just head into nature like that :) Beautiful!