Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tickled Pink!

Closing ceremony - the survivors entering the
 stadium and the raising of the final flag up!
I am finally back in Iowa and have had a couple days to recover from my Komen 3-Day journey...and to say it was incredible would be an understatement. I have experienced very few moments in my life that have been more powerful...and I am proud to say I walked every single step of the sixty miles last weekend in San Diego. Walking into the closing ceremony, hand in hand, with my fabulous team was a breathtaking experience, full of emotion and a huge sense of achievement....there really are not words to describe it. The entire walk was AMAZING - my heart felt great, my legs were ready (my year of training definitely paid off), and I was able to enjoy the beautiful San Diego scenery that surrounded me. I did manage to get "impressive" blisters (as Terry, our medic called them) on day 2 that were a definitely a challenge on day 3... but, the medical crew (who were FANTASTIC) bandaged up my "super bad blisters" (yes, that was my diagnosis), so I could walk on the final day.  There were numerous memorable moments - in fact, too many to, I will share a plethora of captioned photos with you that will give you just a peek at my experience...

Opening ceremony on the first day...getting pumped up for 60-miles - listening to an
inspiring speech by Dr. Sheri Phillips (the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure®
national spokesperson)...

I signed the white memorial flag in remembrance with a couple very special names:
Cathey Magill aka "Pumpkin" and Golda Paton (the mother of my very dear friend)...
I wanted to write a message with each, but unfortunately, the markers were running
dry...this was a very emotional moment...

The first day - walking through Torrey Pines State Reserve - Lois was handed off
the commitment flag that she had carried for 20 miles in Dallas in 2012...

The first day - setting up camp - and yes, I am wearing our matching team jammies,
after a hot shower...and yes, I slept in that pink can see the shower trucks in
the background...

Day 2 - taking in the scenery in La Jolla - seals, pelicans, seagulls - a welcome change
from cold and snowy Iowa (click to enlarge)...

One of the sweep vans - sweep vans are decorated and operated by volunteers - they pick up
any walkers needing a lift to the next pit stop/camp or who need medical attention...

Arriving at lunch on the 3rd and final the top of the "death march" or "suicide hill",
 as many walkers called it...the lunch crew took very good care of us...

Arriving at the finish line after every single step of the 60-miles: (L-R) me, Lois, and Sandy...
Note the matching hats our team captain made for us...and the matching bows on our shoes -
these details helped us find each other in the crowd of 2,300 walkers...

Our two other fabulous teammates arriving at the finish line (in the chaos, it was
difficult for all of us to stay together): Diane on the left and Lori on the right...

My tired/blistered feet after the 60-miles...

Walkers marching down the tunnel of people before crossing the finish line...

Walkers marching down the tunnel of people before crossing the finish line...

My incredible teammates: (L-R) Sandy, Lois, Terry, Diane and Lori...I heart you all!

Walkers checking in at the finish line at Petco Park - the man in the center with the
red, black, and white backpack was an inspiration throughout the entire walk -
he is 72 years young and took every single step - slow and steady!

The San Diego police department entertaining us with a dance at the finish line -
they were phenomenal throughout all three days!

The San Diego police department booty shakin' during a dance at the finish line
- they were quite entertaining!

Lining up in rows of eight to enter the closing ceremony...

A sea of walkers at the closing ceremony....

Closing ceremony - the survivors entering the stadium and the raising of the
final up!

The very inspirational Dr. Sheri Phillips, the national spokesperson for the
Susan G. Komen  3-Day for the Cure® - lifting us up at the closing
 ceremony - she walked all 60-miles...

Closing ceremony - raising the final flag "NEVER GIVE UP"...
In closing, I will share the thank you note I e-mailed to everyone who made a donation...this sums it up...
My dear friends, family, and needlework enthusiasts, 
A GIGANTIC heartfelt thank you for supporting me on my Komen 3-Day journey! It was an UNBELIEVABLE three days and I am extremely proud to report I walked every single step of the 60-miles. It was an AMAZING, challenging, fun, (at times) painful, and breathtaking experience...filled with memories that will definitely last a lifetime.
Because of your generosity, and the support of all of my donors and team members, I raised over $8,300 to help end breast cancer...our small, but mighty team Twinkle Toes (five walkers and one medical crew member) raised just shy of $30,000 for this important cause...and the San Diego event (2300 walkers and 425 crew members) raised an OUTSTANDING $6,100,000! I cannot thank you enough for your support, love, and encouragement - I am so very touched by your generosity and kindness.
I also want to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude to those of you who made cash donations to our team captain for expenses, to those of you who sent care packages to me before the trip, and to those of you who sent sweet treats with notes to me in camp - you helped lighten the financial burden and truly enhanced my experience - I am forever grateful.
YOU made this INCREDIBLE journey possible and I thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. Together we ARE making a difference!
xoxo, Belinda "Baby Twinkle Toes" 
Team Twinkle Toes is thrilled to announce we are headed to Dallas in 2014!
So now, life gets back to "normal" - I play catch-up...I finish up the new designs for printing...I answer correspondence...I fill orders...I tackle the HUGE "to do" list...and I try to keep my feet elevated...and in a couple weeks I will get back to training for the 2014 Komen 3-Day in's all good!


  1. I am tickled pink for you, your team and your accomplishments. Thank you for providing us with the photo journey of your walk, Belinda! Hope your 'impressive' blisters are on the mend.


  2. Wow. You're so inspiring. Thanks for all you've done.

  3. What an accomplishment! Loved your photos and hoping your feet are feeling better. congratulations to all who participated.

  4. Awesome! Thank you for sharing your experience. =)

  5. This brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Team Twinkle Toes! Hope your blisters heal quickly.

  6. Congratulations to you and your team!! You raised an amazing amount of money - what a wonderful accomplishment.

    As a fellow 3-day Walker (Michigan), I know how incredible this experience is for you.