Monday, January 23, 2012

Betty Ring Auction at Sotheby's totals $4,389,503

Hello friends - Happy Monday!

I received quite a few emails and messages about the post I did last week on the Betty Ring Sampler Collection and auction, so I thought I would post a quick update this morning.

The Important American Schoolgirl Embroideries; The Landmark Collection of Betty Ring auction concluded on Sunday - totaling $4,389,503 – exceeding the pre-sale high estimate of $3.4 million. A new record for any needlework sampler at auction was set when the needlework sampler Mary Antrim, Burlington Country, New Jersey, Dated 1807 (shown right) achieved $1,070,500 - more than ten times its high estimate of $120,000. This breathtaking sampler (lot 616) was worked in silk and painted paper on linen - it is 17" x 16./75" - and was in the original frame - incredible!
Lot 503 -Susannah Saunders, Sarah Stivours School, Salem, Massachusetts, Dated 1766 - $314,500 (high estimate $80,000)

Lot 508 - Betsy Gail, Marblehead, Massachusetts, circa 1790 - $170,500 (high estimate of $60,000)

Lot 625 - Sarah Cooper, attributed to Ann Marsh’s School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dated 1792 - $170,500 (high estimate of $80,000)

Lot 586 - Hannah Carlile, probably Mary Balch's School, Providence, Rhode Island, Dated 1796 - $122,500 (high estimate of $60,000)

For those of you interested in complete sales results, Sotheby's has posted a PDF with details.

....and if you haven't had a chance to view the entire collection, it is still available online by visiting the Sotheby's website - click on the links below to see this incredible collection of historic needlework from the comfort of your own home:

Sotheby's Electronic Catalog
American Needlework Treasures by Betty Ring
Girlhood Embroidery Volume 1 by Betty Ring
Girlhood Embroidery Volume 2 by Betty Ring

Again, please allow time for the books to load - these are complete (highly sought after) works - they are filled with lovely color (and black and white) photographs and very detailed information. There is no telling how long Sotheby's will have these available for viewing, so take advantage of this AMAZING online exhibit before the files are removed.


  1. Just one word -- wow!


  2. Thanks to your link I had been watching the auction and viewing the collection. I was astounded by both! Truly beautiful heritage pieces and they were in fabulous condition.

  3. Thank you for posting all these wonderful links. The Betty Ring collection was just amazing. I was fortunate to see some of the auction online and was astounded at the prices they fetched. One of my faves was the Betsy Gail you mentioned above. I just wanted to let you know that can download the e-catalog to have for future viewing... if you access catalog and click to print it allows you to save as a pdf! A wonderful catalog with all of the historical information. I enjoyed visiting your blog... Your Simba is a cutie! Enjoy your evening.

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