Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On Our Way To Mystic, CT...

Hello friends! Well, it is a good thing I had a day to play before the Stitcher's Hideaway Mystic I and Mystic II retreats, because my last week has been full of excitement. After staying up way past my bedtime to bring you last post...we departed the cottage grounds on Thursday morning....ready to make the trip to Mystic, CT and start meeting the retreat attendees.

After taking a final walk around the campgrounds, taking loads of photos...and even spotting an eagle (more on that in a later post - I took some great photos, but am waiting to find out the type of eagle from a local expert before posting the pictures), we packed up and started on our trip to Mystic. Our first stop on the way to the retreat hotel was Goodspeed's Station Country Store - right along the Connecticut River just a few moments from Sue's cottage. This was an amazing gift shop - one of the best I have ever visited - lovely - beautiful and unique gifts...and they had an amazing candy area with all sorts of special treats (we all know I love me some candy)! I managed to purchase a few gifts to ship home and then we were on our way again.

Sue decided to take the scenic route, so I could take in the gorgeous Connecticut foliage - it was a gorgeous drive! While making our way to Old Lyme to see a needlework exhibit, we happened upon a marvelous little cemetery tucked in a grove of trees, right alongside the road. Sue was kind enough to stop so I could take a closer look and get lots of photos. Most of the headstones were dated during the 1700s and early 1800s....and many were quite well preserved. There were really interesting epitaphs and tombstone angels and I was so happy I was able to see this area of history....

Our final stop before Mystic was the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, CT to see the "With Needle and Brush: Schoolgirl Embroidery from the Connecticut River Valley" exhibit. Oh my goodness, this exhibit did not disappoint - it was SPECTACULAR! The exhibition included approximately seventy embroideries, watercolor sketches, and portraits - most from private collections - and all in excellent collection. I was in awe as I studied the various techniques and read the histories - the use of silk was incredible and I was quite surprised at many of the materials used. Although no photography was allowed in the exhibit halls, I have a clear vision of many works in my head, as they were absolutely gorgeous. A book to accompany this exhibit will be available in late 2011. If you have a chance to visit this marvelous display of needlework and history, don't miss it - it is definitely worth the trip.

Lasty, we pulled over at a scenic overlook as we headed into Mystic, CT - the photo below was my first vision of this historic New England town. We had reached our destination and were ready to set-up for both retreats!

I will be posting another update tomorrow with some photos from the needlework retreats....for now I am in the process of traveling home (in fact, I am in the airport as I write this) was a fabulous experience - I wouldn't trade it for the world...


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Belinda! The water in the last one looks so peaceful!

    Hope the rest of your trip home is safe and uneventful!


  2. Sue has certainly made your stay a wonderful one! I love the pics of the headstones. Believe it or not I love checking out the headstones in graveyards. Like you I love the history.