Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Motivation...

Does this sampler look familiar to you?? It sure does to my group of stitching friends...we have been getting together bi-monthly for quite some time...and this is always the project I bring with me to our gatherings. Now, I must mention - I am lucky if I make it to the stitch group once a fact, I might only make it once every couple months...and as you can tell, I probably do more chatting and socializing than stitching...but still, why haven't I completed this project?! It was started with best of be totally honest, it was started officially in February 2006 - I know this because, at the time it was a mystery sampler....I diligently stitched the first two months (parts 1 and 2) with every intention of stitching each part as it was released. Well, soon after, my design career took off and now, I rarely find time to stitch anything other than my own creations. So, I post this here with the hopes of shaming myself into actually finishing this project in the near future...

A few details about the design...
It was a Mystery Sampler by Yvonne Horn of Papillon Creations and Part 1 was released in the very first issue of the Gift of Stitching Magazine. If it looks like tiny stitches to you, it is because I am stitching it on 45-count Pearled Barley linen by Lakeside Linens...I love how detailed it looks in person...however, this piece has a lot of specialty stitches that are NOT all easily worked on 45-count (something I didn't think about when I started). I am using the Vikki Clayton silks (HDF) suggested.

I hope posting a photo here will give me "the push" (or gentle nudge) I need to finally finish this project! I am sure my stitching group would love to see me working on something new...


  1. Oh wow! And on 45ct too! It's beautiful! I'll cheer you on all you want. :D

  2. Hi Belinda, hmmmmmm~having traveled with you for so long, perhaps you have come to see this piece as a dear friend? It seems you 're quite well along though, so *here* is my gentle nudge:) Thx for sharing this beauty with us, plz keep us posted? Wishing you well and Sweet Stitchin...

  3. It's absolutely stunning! Perhaps you could share some close ups of some of the stitches!

  4. Your piece is beautiful. I had a piece that I worked on for many years off and on and boy the feeling was great once it was completed. You can do it, can't wait to see it finished!!

  5. How beautiful and on 45 ct, oh my!