Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brightening Up The Day

Well, here we are in the middle of more "blizzard-like" conditions (as is most of the Midwest)....the constant snow, ice, wind, and bitter cold are starting to wear on me....and my poor little dog Simba, who although loves the snow, is dreading any trips outside. Seems like every day I am on "snow removal"...and the snow blowing and shoveling is really starting to irritate me. Yes, the snow can be extremely beautiful and usually doesn't both me...but pair it up with the ice and below zero temperatures and I am not happy.
Trying to find a way to brighten up my spirits in this lousy weather, I went to my huge basket of handmade seasonal items...looking for some Valentine and springtime items to decorate the house with...something to bring a little warmth to my mood. Going through my basket, I found this art quilt I made last was a class piece...and my very first attempt at art quilting. The class was called "Believe Me" and was designed taught by a local art quilt celebrity, Barbara Riggs (to say her art quilts are AMAZING is an understatement). I really enjoyed this creative class...and it definitely made me want to do more art quilting and embellishing in the future. This is a small wall hanging (approximately 12 1/2" W x 15 1/2" H) and was made with silks and batiks...the tulip padding was quite fun to learn (giving the flowers a 3D effect) and I liked playing with the free-motion quilting and applique. Finding this piece in my stash did brighten my day! I have a couple more Valentine pieces to share with you in the future...for now, I must get back to my never-ending pile of model stitching....
Until next time, keep warm and cozy...


  1. stay warm, cozy and safe!
    That quilt is stunning!

  2. That quilt is gorgeous and is sure to add a little warmth to your day.

  3. The tulips remind me of spring. Thank you for brightening my day!

  4. Its lovely - keep safe warm and well.
    Love Michelle x

  5. Your quilt hanging is gorgeous! Let's us know that Spring is just around the corner. Now if only the cold, snow and ice would disappear! Thank you for sharing. Deb